Ranking the room: Who is the top quarterback for the Steelers in 2024?

We dive into the first room ranking this offseason as the Steelers QBs are broken down and
dissected before training camp.
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

With July officially here, I will be taking the time to rank the Steelers roster by positional group before training camp gets underway. The ultimate goal will be to create a ranked list of every play on the roster before camp gets started.

The rankings will be a mix of criteria. Mainly, I am looking at what players will put the Steelers in the best position to win this year. While long-term potential is considered, I care less about what a player can provide in 2025 as opposed to what they can do for the team this year.

For rookies, their level of pro-readiness will be taken into account as well as their projection on the roster. We are starting with the quarterbacks today, and this group is entirely new.

Steelers four quarterbacks ranked

4. John Ryees Plumlee

While something should be said about the fact that John Ryees Plumlee landed the largest signing bonus in Steelers undrafted free agent history, that is more of a testament to NFL teams working around that rule to attract the premiere undrafted options. Quarterback is a premium position, so if this team has to add one at that juncture, they will need to pay up to get a more notable name.

Plumlee was a fun player to watch. He dabbled at receiver and quarterback through most of his career, and his athleticism is evident on tape. While a fun player to watch, he also wasn’t a great signal caller while in school. His arm strength is lacking and his accuracy is hit or miss. It is hard to see him lasting at quarterback given those issues, and I don’t expect him to make a push for the active roster. Long-term, his best shot is at receiver.

3. Kyle Allen

One of my favorite signings this season, Kyle Allen is a well-traveled backup with a good deal of experience. While he hasn’t found his footing as a starter, he can come in for a few games and hold his own against defenses. Frankly put, I think he would be a fine second option, so having him as QB three is a huge boost.

The real question is if the team will carry three quarterbacks this season. A new rule allows you to promote a quarterback from the practice squad as many times as you want to be the emergency option. The Steelers could opt to carry him on the practice squad and use his roster spot elsewhere. Assuming they do keep three though, Allen should be penciled in to make the team.

2. Justin Fields

There is a contingent of fans who think Justin Fields is the Steelers best option for 2024. While I like his game and see the traits that could warrant this, at the end of the day he needs to grow into a more consistent player. While I am willing to give him the time to develop into that, I don’t think he is there yet.

The Steelers are building an offense that is dependent on their defense holding opposing offenses and their offense doing just enough to win. Stretches of cold play will kill this team, and Fields can’t be trusted there yet. Unless he shows major stretches there in camp, there is likely a better option to use for success this season.

1. Russell Wilson

Like it or not, Russell Wilson is the best option currently on this roster to help Pittsburgh win this year. While he isn’t the dynamic version of himself of years past, he showed some signs of life despite not fitting into the Broncos' plans. While I can’t see him turning back the time, he should be a fine starter for this team.

At the bare minimum, he is a clear upgrade over what the Steelers fielded last year. Unless Father Time has decimated him and his regression hits a new low, Wilson gives Pittsburgh the best shot to win this year, and he beats out Fields as the best quarterback in the room.

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