So much for Mike Tomlin needing to 'prove' himself as Steelers head coach

Mike Tomlin just signed a three-year extension with the Steelers. He will not have to prove himself after all to remain the Head coach in Pittsburgh.
Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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It was just announced that Mike Tomlin signed a three-year extension to remain the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This news comes after many have speculated about the potential future of Tomlin in the steel city. many have thought he might have to prove himself to earn an extension this offseason to remain in Pittsburgh. That logic flew out the window after the news of a contract extension with their long-tenured coach was brought to light.

Tomlin will not be joining broadcasting or any other positions for the foreseeable future.

One rumor that had been circulating was Tomlin potentially joining some sort of broadcasting. That could become reality once his coaching days are over, but that seems further away than some fans might have imagined. The Steelers coach is only 52 years old, and he remains one of the most popular figures in his role within the NFL.

For those that love him, they will be happy. Those that feel his message is stale, will be annoyed.

Mike Tomlin will remain the top dog of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Unless something crazy happens where either Tomlin retires or the Steelers fire him, this contract will go through 2027. If he can keep his current non-losing seasons streak alive until then, one would have to imagine another extension will be discussed. If he remains through this extension, it will mark Tomlin through 20 years with the Steelers, which is an incredible feat in the NFL.

It would only take a couple more years past this extension for Tomlin to become the longest-tenured head coach in Steelers history.

Chuck Noll currently holds the longest tenure at the position with 23 years. Tomlin would only be two years behind him after this extension concludes. Love it or hate it, that is what seems to be the current path for Tomlin. Unless things start to go haywire, Tomlin seems to be the answer as head coach for the future.

Tomlin has become a figure of debate since the Steelers have been to their last Super Bowl.

Fans across Steelers Nation have come together in a great debate since the Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers in their last Super Bowl appearance 13 years ago. Many have criticized Tomlin, claiming he won with 'Bill Cowher's players'. That statement is somewhat crazy as he still had to coach and guide those players to success.

Both the praise and criticism of Tomlin are fair game, and he deserves both sides of the debate.

He has been a tremendous coach for the history books, not only with the Steelers but across the NFL. Pittsburgh has not had a single losing season from their football team since Tomlin took over in 2007. No other active coach in the NFL has been able to come close to that. It is an impressive feat, but Tomlin has not been able to find any sort of playoff success since January of 2017.

Love Tomlin or not, he will be the Steelers Head coach for a long time unless he is unable to keep this team competitive for the next three years.

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