Special "Oops! All losers" edition from Steelers vs. Texans

Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Disgusting. That is the singular word I can use to describe this Steelers team through four weeks, in particular with their week four loss to the Texans.

In a normal given week, I would try and find some winners for the weeks to at least find something good to complement this team. A silver lining to an otherwise tough outing.

With this team playing loser football though, this week is different. Did some players find success? I guess, but overall this team was a trainwreck in week four, and it has been a continuation of poor play through four weeks.

I’ve highlighted a few specific names as significant losers, but know that I could comfortably put the entire team and coaching staff here. Everyone is deserving of blame, as this team was a pathetic trainwreck. As I channel my inner Captain Crunch, here is the 'Oops! All losers list' from Pittsburgh’s embarrassing loss to the Texans.

Steelers losers


The brunt of the blame lands on the Steelers coaching staff for me. And no, it isn’t only Matt Canada at fault. This entire coaching staff was poorly prepared, failed to adapt, and was uncreative when trying to play Houston. I had said all week that this was the perfect game for the Steelers, as they should have been in a good position to cruise to a win.

Instead, the entire team came out looking unprepared and conservative. Even when Houston showed sparks of life early, and the Pittsburgh offense floundered, there was no attempt to change the style.

It isn’t like these are brand-new issues for the team either. The run defense was once again suspect even though the Texans had a banged-up offensive line. The secondary was torched, and the offense failed to consistently move the ball. All of these things have been plagues all season so far, and this team has only found a way to win when the defense forces a surplus of turnovers.

This coaching staff has failed to correct the issues that this team has shown, and I’m not hopeful that anything will get fixed. It isn’t even the fact that this team has struggled, but the fact that the coaching staff has done nothing to fix any of the current issues on the roster. While there are other losers to be blamed, the coaching staff is most at fault for this game.

The Secondary

Another concerning element of this defense has been the lackluster cornerbacks. Patrick Peterson hasn’t been a great fit so far, and Levi Wallace has been horrible minus his interceptions. The lone bright spot has been Joey Porter, but the team isn’t willing to bench either of their starters for him. Another coaching issue.

The run defense

Another week, another poor attempt to stop the run for the Steelers. Despite adding numerous names to help in that regard, this run defense is still pathetic. The Texans were ready to run it down the throats of Pittsburgh, and there was no answer to that success.

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It was another pathetic showing by the Steelers, and while there were some bright spots by the team through four weeks, nothing looks great right now. Change needs to happen for this team to get back on track, and it needs to happen soon