Steelers 2024 Mock Draft: Pittsburgh finds insane value that rivals their 2023 class

The Steelers are able to get some incredible value in this latest 7-round mock draft

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Center. 2. 469. Zach Frazier. . . Zach Frazier. . Zach Frazier. player

Steelers mock draft round 2: Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia

If Zach Frazier is available with the Steeler's second-round pick, pencil him in. He makes too much sense for the black and gold to pass up with their second choice in the draft. He has a lot of starting experience at center and the Steelers need an upgrade at the position. It will be interesting to see where the top centers in this draft class end up.

More recently, the center position has been devalued in the draft and you can find a quality player on day two of the event. One should imagine that one of, if not both Frazier and Jackson Powers-Johnson will be available at the start of the second round. It seems like Powers-Johnson could be an option for the black and gold in round one, but that didn't play out here.

Pittsburgh decided to go with value in round one and pray that Frazier or Powers-Johnson would be there in round two. Powers-Johnson was taken earlier in the second round during this simulation so that made their decision easier. They go with Frazier here, which is another quality value pick. The organization loves him as a player and gets their guy.

Mason Cole will likely remain as the starter entering the pre-season process, but Frazier will be right behind him. It could be another Broderick Jones situation where Frazier has to sit on the bench for a couple of months before Tomlin benches Cole. This pick allows them to strengthen the offensive line and get the keystone that they need for years to come.