Steelers 2024 Mock Draft: Pittsburgh land Kenny Pickett's replacement in Round 1

With quarterbacks in the rumor mill for the Steelers, don't discount the idea of them drafting one early.

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Steelers mock draft round 2: Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia

After taking a quarterback in round one, the Steelers start to turn their attention to other positions of need. With a young guy at quarterback, Pittsburgh decides they need to find different ways to protect him. Center will be the main focus throughout the draft as the Steelers are more likely to address the position there rather than paying someone in free agency.

Mason Cole is still on the roster and could be a cap casualty if certain scenarios transpire. It is unlikely that he will get cut as the black and gold always like to have experienced players on their club to fall back on if certain additions don't work out. An upgrade over Cole has to happen and the Steelers are able to find that here as they take Zach Frazier in round two.

It's rumored that Pittsburgh loves Frazier. He is a local guy coming out of West Virginia and would fit in Smith's offense like a glove. He has a lot of starting experience at center and should be a realistic possibility in the second round. Frazier would jump onto the team and immediately start nipping at Cole's heels for the starting job.

With how the Steelers operate, it seems probable that Frazier would start off as the second center behind Cole at the start of the preseason. Unless Cole falls off a cliff, which isn't out of the question, then he will probably be the starting center in Week 1 no matter how well Frazier does. He might get the Broderick Jones treatment, but he would start before the season concludes.