Steelers 53-man roster prediction heading into Week 3 of the preseason

  • Return specialists are looking good
  • Steelers stock up on wide receivers and tight ends
  • Expect Steelers to look outside for certain positions after roster cuts

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Two-thirds of the Steelers' three preseason games are completed. They will finish their 2023 preseason schedule against the Atlanta Falcons on the road this Thursday night. Most of those that will be playing will be the ones fighting for the last couple of roster spots available. They still have something left to prove to these coaches.

Even though there might be some gray areas on the current depth chart for Pittsburgh, the final roster is mostly situated. Players have had all of training camp and the two games prior to show what they have to offer. Because of that, there are only a handful of spots remaining. It will be up to these players to make themselves stand out in a positive light.

Everything is looking good for the returning specialists on the roster

Specialist (3): Chris Boswell (K), Pressley Harvin III (P), Christian Kuntz (LS)

Nothing changes here as the returning starters from last season will remain in their roles. They have outperformed their respective challengers this preseason and have won. Out of the three, it seems like Pressley Harvin III could have his spot in question this season. He had a solid camp and seems to be turning a corner right now as the punter.

With that said, he will still have his performances judged weekly and could lose his job if things start to go sideways again. Chris Boswell is the guy who has not given the Steelers many reasons to move into a new direction at kicker. Christian Kuntz had a couple of potential challengers enter the fold at long snapper, but he won and will stay with the club.