Steelers 53-man roster prediction a little over a month away from training camp

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Pittsburgh retains a similar group at key positions on offense for another season

Quarterbacks (3): Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph

Not many thought that the black and gold would retain last season's quarterback room for another season. Last year left different uncertainties about the future of this group, but those have all been settled since. It is the same group from last season, but the circumstances heading into training camp are completely different this time around.

Kenny Pickett is the starter coming into camp and he has zero shot of losing that spot. Mitch Trubisky earned the starting gig last year, but he will be the backup for the foreseeable future with Pittsburgh. mason Rudolph returns after entering camp last year as the starter but will retain his role as a reliable third option for the Steelers.

Running back/full back (4): Najee Harris, Jaylen Warren, Anthony McFarland Jr., Connor Heyward (FB/TE)

The top two running backs for this group are obvious with Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren taking the lead. Warren enjoyed a tremendous training camp last year and should be a reliable second option for this team in 2023. Those two could be one of the best duos of backs in the game of football, especially with a revamped offensive line.

The real competition will happen for the third back spot, but Anthony McFarland Jr. will likely get the nod there. Do not count out undrafted free agent Alfonzo Graham as he has turned some heads throughout the early offseason practices thus far. Connor Heyward will be lined up all over the offense but will also take the brunt of the work at fullback.