Steelers 53-man roster prediction with the 2023 NFL Draft behind us

Mason Rudolph, Steelers
Mason Rudolph, Steelers / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages
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Some positions on the upcoming roster seem fairly set for the time being, while others will have some intense battles in training camp. The pre-season process is about to kick into high gear as players try to make rosters in the NFL. The Steelers will have some tough decisions to make as a couple of known names could be on the chopping block if they get beaten out in certain battles.

Rules have changed some across the league as clubs are now allowed to have 90 players on their rosters until the final cut down day. That will account for 37 cuts being announced in a few days before clubs shift their focus to the regular season. Some roster tinkering could happen from there as other cuts are made on other rosters and potential free agents could add a new wrinkle to this team.

Steelers do end up with a new specialists on the roster in 2023

Specialists (3): Chris Boswell (K), Braden Mann (P), Christian Kuntz (LS)

An undrafted free agent was brought onto the club to try and make some competition with Chris Boswell. Things are not looking good for B.T. Potter as he will have almost zero chance to make this club, barring a massive upset. He could be a nice candidate to make the practice squad in case Boswell suffers another lengthy injury like he did last year.

Braden Mann makes the team over Pressley Harvin III in this scenario. He is not an amazing punter, but he is better statistically over his career than Harvin. This should be a tough fight, but Mann is an experienced guy that is used to punting in cold weather environments. Christian Kuntz is a solid long snapper and should keep his job without any competition on the roster.