Steelers at a Crossroads: Should Pittsburgh buy or sell before trade deadline?

Standing pat won't be enough; Should the Steelers be buyers or sellers at the NFL trade deadline?
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Should the Steelers buy or sell at the NFL trade deadline?

Now comes the most difficult part: deciding what to do at the NFL trade deadline. For a team that sits just above .500 early in the season, common sense would tell you that the Pittsburgh Steelers need to go all in and try to win a Super Bowl. However, this might not be the wisest course of action.

Based on everything we have seen so far, it's been really hard to buy Kenny Pickett as the quarterback of the future for the Steelers. Potentially even worse is the issue at offensive coordinator. Even if Pittsburgh makes a blockbuster move for a skill player or an offensive lineman, it's not going to change the dismal play-calling this year.

Though you might disagree with me, I think the Steelers should be sellers at the NFL trade deadline. Because I don't believe this team is ready to compete for a Super Bowl, I think the best course of action would be to shop assets that hold trade value and work on compiling draft capital that could really help turn things around in the near future. Someone like Diontae Johnson could hold a lot of value to the right team looking for a WR at the deadline.

This is similar to what the Steelers did at the deadline last year. The added draft capital they acquired last year aided them to what already looks like a terrific 2023 draft class. Perhaps one more elite draft could turn this roster around in a hurry and get them back on a championship route.

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