Steelers could add another star WR with contract issues to trade rumors

Add another star receiver to the list of potential trade options for the Steelers as he continues to have contract issues.
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Every wide receiver available in free agency or trade has been connected to the Steelers since Diontae Johnson was dealt. Pittsburgh needs to find a viable replacement for him, but they have not been able to accomplish that task yet. Until someone either steps up, or the team acquires an upgrade, these trade rumors will persist.

Any receiver with a contract issue has been a prime trade candidate for the black and gold.

Right now, Brandon Aiyuk remains the top trade option for the Steelers throughout the late portions of the offseason. He wants a new deal, but the 49ers seem content with playing out his final year under contract. If any receiver with a noticeable name hasn't been able to get an extension from their employer, they have been connected to Pittsburgh in trade rumors.

That leads us to our next likely candidate to enter the rumor mill in Pittsburgh.

CeeDee Lamb could jump into the Steelers trade waters

Don't expect Lamb at Cowboys training camp without a new contract in place.

According to CBS Sports, Lamb is not expected to go to Dallas' training camp unless a contract extension is agreed to.

"The Dallas Cowboys will kick off 2024 training camp on July 25. Just don't count on star wide receiver CeeDee Lamb showing up. Eligible for a long-term contract extension, the Pro Bowl pass catcher is expected to skip the start of camp without a new deal in place."

Lamb has quickly become one of the best receivers in the game of football. Adding him via trade would be very similar to the trade situation surrounding Aiyuk right now. It would cost a chunk of assets to acquire, plus the Steelers would then need to turn around and sign Lamb to a pricey extension.

Many believe Lamb will get between 30 and 35 million per season on his next contract.

That new number would put him as one of the highest-paid receivers in the NFL. It makes sense as Lamb has proven to be one of the best at his position in recent years. Adding Lamb, or someone like him, could create an awkward situation for George Pickens.

He would get help from a top receiver taking pressure off of him. It would also likely mean that Pickens would be moving on from the Steelers after his rookie contract ended. Trading for someone like Lamb or Aiyuk would take a ton of cap space away from a potential extension for Pickens in the future. At least it would provide a couple of strong years of a dynamic duo.

Expect Lamb to enter trade rumors surrounding the Steelers in the coming weeks.

He is a topflight receiver in the NFL and would only strengthen the belief that the black and gold are going all-in this year. It could potentially create a contract issue with Pickens down the line, but that's another worry for another day. Pay close attention to the Cowboys and what is happening with Lamb when they get to training camp later this month.

Things could get ugly if Dallas is unwilling to bend in negotiations and give Lamb the numbers he wants on a new contract. That failure could lead to a big distraction at camp and create an environment where the Cowboys start to flounder.

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