Steelers could pick a top quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Kenny Pickett

  • There are plenty of reasons to move on from Kenny Pickett
  • Carson Beck could be an interesting name if he enters the draft
  • Jayden Daniels might be the best of the bunch

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Jayden Daniels might be the best of the bunch available for the Steelers

It might be a little bit of a stretch depending on where the Steelers end up drafting, but Jayden Daniels could be their top quarterback on the board. He will be 23 in a couple of weeks, so he is not as old as some of the other quarterbacks in this article. He is having a phenomenal season and might end up winning the Heisman trophy.

Many do not like taking a Heisman winner, as previous winners rarely make it in the NFL. Daniels should not carry that worry as he continues to develop into an all-around weapon at quarterback. He started his first three seasons at Arizona State before transferring to LSU where he has been the past two years. There is no other quarterback in the draft who is as good all around as Daniels is.

His arm is strong, and he can find the open receiver in tight windows. Perhaps one of his best abilities is using his legs. Daniels has amassed about 5,000 total yards of offense by himself for the Tigers this year. Maybe he is not getting as much hype as the top two quarterbacks in this draft because of LSU's record this season.

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The only other concern here could be the Lamar Jackson comparisons that might happen. Both are electric playmakers and are skinny guys coming out of college. Daniels should be able to add some weight to his frame at the next level and continue his development. He might be the lightning rod that the Steelers offense needs to turn things around.