Steelers could shockingly cut these four players during the summer

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph (2)
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph (2) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Could the Steelers cut Mason Rudolph

I have praised the Steelers quarterback moves this offseason, as they are three deep at the position and have Mitch Trubisky locked up for a few seasons past this year. While there is a really good chance that the team stays with what they have, I don’t think Mason Rudolph is a roster lock.

Looking at his reported contract, Rudolph returned to the team on a one-year, veteran minimum deal. He didn’t receive a signing bonus either, meaning he got the least amount of money possible from the team. That indicates that his market was next to nothing and that his return was a low-risk deal for the team.

Of course, the Steelers could roll out him and Trubisky and keep the quarterback room that deep. Rudolph getting cut would be contingent on another quarterback becoming available for next to nothing. This could be Tanner Morgan showing up and surprising people with good play, or it could be a release from another team in the league.

Rudolph presents no downside as a third quarterback, but he is also maxed out as a player. If a developmental name becomes available that this team likes, they could easily replace Rudolph. Again, Rudoplph won’t be cut outright for no reason, but if a more intriguing third option becomes available, Rudolph could be jettisoned from the roster.

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While on the surface, these four players all have experience and seem like good fits on the roster, I wouldn’t write their names in permanent marker yet. Other options behind them make sense, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see these players be surprise cuts in the offseason.