Steelers could sign these 5 rookie minicamp tryouts in 2023

Bryce Perkins, Steelers
Bryce Perkins, Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Rookie minicamp was this past weekend for the Steelers, and they spent a lot of time evaluating the talent there. Most of these players lean towards the young side, but there were other options participating that were older than most. All of the big-name draft picks were present, as well as the undrafted rookies that were already signed to the team.

Trying out during rookie minicamp is not always the worst thing, but it shows that you barely have an opportunity. Football in shorts is something that Mike Tomlin likes to say and that is not the best way to show the type of skills you have on the football field. This is a short time for coaches to notice some of these players, but some might have done just enough to earn a contract to move forward in the pre-season process.

Steelers could add a couple specialists to their roster before camp

One of the best stories to come out of tryouts was Alfredo Gachuz, a professional soccer player in Mexico. He has a strong leg and got an amazing shot to try out for the Steelers after the club held a small camp in Mexico. Gachuz did a well enough job to make it to this step, and it is possible that he could get another call.

Does anyone remember Nick Boyle from his days with the Baltimore Ravens? He is back as the former talented tight end is trying to switch to long snapper. It is less of a grind on the body, but he could bring some position flexibility with him since he is a former tight end. Boyle was one of the oldest players at minicamp, but he could be an interesting name to monitor.