Steelers could sign these 5 rookie minicamp tryouts in 2023

Bryce Perkins, Steelers
Bryce Perkins, Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Position flexibility is something this lineman could provide for the Steelers

It is not every day that you see a player that has played on both sides of the ball. There have been plenty of players that have done this in the past, but that was during the early days of football. Since then, players have decided to pick a spot to start at and complete their careers in that position.

There have also been players that changed positions when they got to the NFL. Roosevelt Nix was one of the most notable Steelers that successfully completed that change of position from college to the NFL. He was able to go from being a defensive tackle in college to a solid full back in the league.

One name to watch that could interest the black and gold enough to sign him is Mike Panasiuk. He played defensive line during his college career at Michigan State, but things have changed since turning pro. He did compete in the XFL with the St. Louis Battlehawks as their starting center.

Panasiuk looks like a character and would be a nice addition to any locker room across the NFL. The Steelers need competition at center for depth spots and that is exactly what this center would provide coming off a full season with the Battlehawks. Signing Panasiuk from rookie minicamp seems like a win-win.