Steelers could sign these XFL Championship participants before training camp

Tyler Vaughns, Steelers
Tyler Vaughns, Steelers / Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports
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Adding a quality back to challenge for the third spot on the roster is ideal

Pittsburgh has seemingly gone more of a quantity rather than quality approach to their competition at third string running back. Not to knock any of the bottom of the roster players, but there are some better options that could upgrade the position. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren are a great one-two punch, but bringing in a third option is a good idea.

Currently, Anthony McFarland Jr. is the front runner to make the team as the third option. He should be a reliable back, but he has yet to make the roster throughout his young NFL career. He has not shown a ton of special teams in terms of punt and kick coverage. McFarland has shown some return ability, but nothing that will shock you.

Behind him is Master Teague and newly signed undrafted free agent Alfonzo Graham. Those three will battle for the final spot, but there is a better free agent out there that would be a more viable option. Abram Smith was the best running back in the XFL this season, and that offense complimented him perfectly.

He is a former undrafted free agent out of Baylor that originally signed with the New Orleans Saints. He would be drafted by the Defenders with the top pick of the XFL draft, which paid off for D.C. He would go on to lead the league in rushing and help forge one of the most consistent offenses in the XFL this past season.