Steelers could target these 4 outside receivers as injuries start to become a concern

Mike Evans, Steelers
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Kenny Golladay is a been there done it option for the Steelers

Another proven receiver available to sign at any time is Kenny Golladay. He is still a free agent after getting little to no interest between the start of the offseason until now. It is somewhat surprising with the number of teams that are in desperate need of help on their respective teams. He is far from his great seasons in Detroit, but he might be worth a look.

After two great years from 2018 through 2019, Golladay was expected to have another monster year in 2020. He ended up missing most of that year and went into free agency where the New York Giants took a gamble on him. They signed him to a lucrative deal, but things never really worked out for either party in that marriage.

Golladay only made it halfway through his monster contract with the Giants before he was cut due to his cap situation. He never played up to the massive cap number that he carried with the club and was released back in March. The black and gold could probably do better at receiver, but the options are few and far between right now.

This receiver is someone who has been a proven receiver in the NFL in the past and has taken on that top receiver role. The issue is that he has not been able to get close to those numbers in the past four seasons. A bunch of injuries and missed time have shrunken his chances but he could be a boom-or-bust guy if the Steelers get desperate enough at the position.