Steelers could target these 4 outside receivers as injuries start to become a concern

Mike Evans, Steelers
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Austin Watkins Jr. would be nice to steal from Cleveland's practice squad

Sometimes it is the name that not many know about that makes the difference in the NFL. Austin Watkins Jr. had an amazing preseason and was the top receiver in plenty of categories during those three games. He even had a strong training camp with the Cleveland Browns. He missed out on the active roster because of the talent in that room.

Watkins is a former undrafted free agent out of UAB during the 2021 NFL Draft. He started with the 49ers then went to the Buccaneers before spending time in the CFL and USFL. He was able to do enough to garner another shot in the NFL. Watkins then signed with the Browns and was able to make a name for himself throughout the preseason process.

The good news is that Watkins is still only 25 years old and is the youngest option to sign on this article. Another good thing is that this receiver is available to sign off Cleveland's practice squad whenever Pittsburgh would like to. The bad news is that he has no significant NFL experience from his previous times in the NFL.

Another issue is the lack of special teams that Watkins was not able to provide during the preseason. That might have gotten him on the Browns final roster if he was able to provide more snaps there. The Steelers could take a gamble here if depth at receiver or more starters get lost due to injuries. Watkins has talent that could interest the coaches in Pittsburgh.