Steelers could target these 4 outside receivers as injuries start to become a concern

Mike Evans, Steelers
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The Steelers could trade for Mike Evans if Diontae Johnson is out long-term

If Johnson is lost for longer than a couple of weeks and requires surgery, it is possible that the Steelers look at trade options. George Pickens and Allen Robinson II will probably be the starters on the outside with Calvin Austin III in the slot. Pat Freiermuth will also play a bigger role and so will Darnell Washington in the receiving game.

If they cannot pick up the slack that Johnson's loss will create, Pittsburgh might have to make a move. The top receiver on the trade block right now is none other than Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has been one of the most consistent receivers in football over the past decade and would upgrade any offense in the league.

A lot of this would have to hinge on plenty of situations becoming reality. The Steelers offense would need to struggle at receiver, but the club would also need to be in a spot where they are competitive enough to be in the playoff race. It seems like Evans is available, but the Bucs are going to wait and see how this season progresses before moving him.

If Tampa Bay shocks the world and has a winning record by the deadline, they could just keep Evans to help them into the postseason. If they struggle then they could trade the veteran receiver, who is on an expiring contract heading into this offseason. Evans would be a rental for the Steelers, but it will all depend on Johnson and his long-term health going forward.

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