Steelers could target these quarterbacks after the shocking Kenny Pickett Trade

The Steelers will target some of these quarterback options after the shocking Kenny Pickett Trade

Green Bay Packers v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Kenny Pickett has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. The move shocked Pittsburgh as they were hosting their new free-agent additions to the team just a little over an hour before. Russell Wilson was there and many thought that both Wilson and Pickett would battle for the starting job.

Apparently, Pickett had bad blood after being benched late last season. He was told that he would get the starting job back, but he would have to earn it through competition. He did not like the Wilson deal and wanted out.

Pittsburgh got a couple of picks in return for the former first-round pick. Expect plenty of moves to come regarding adding talent to the quarterback room.

Steelers could add a veteran QB

Hey everyone! Remember those Justin Fields trade rumors? Well, it could still happen!

Yes, Wilson is now in the fold, but he is here on a one-year deal. Pittsburgh seems ready to start him, but Fields could be another interesting option. It seems like Chicago wants a third-round pick for him, and they have an extra one now since the Pickett trade went through.

One first-round bust to another for the Steelers would be a bold choice. Maybe Fields and Pickett would benefit from a change of scenery. It would allow Fields to challenge Wilson for the starting job. It could also allow Fields to learn behind Wilson for a year before the Steelers have to make a decision on which will stick around.

If both fail then the black and gold can start new the following season if they decline Fields fifth-year option this May. There are still plenty of capable backup options on the free agency market. Omar Khan has been bold this offseason and there are still plenty of moves to be made.

One of the obvious choices out there in free agency is Ryan Tannehill. He didn't seem appreciative of the backup role last year with the Titans, but he is winding down his career. Technically he could challenge Wilson for the starting job, but it would be a losing battle for him. He would be a solid number two and Arthur Smith knows him.

Steelers could look to draft a QB

The Steelers will round out their quarterback room with either a lesser-name free agent or more likely the draft. They will try and add a developmental guy in the mid to later rounds to be their third-stringer. Someone like Joe Milton III, Spencer Rattler, or Michael Pratt makes sense.

There are a lot of talented players out there. Those of you who are worried should take a minute. Khan has a lot of work ahead of him. It's going to be busy, but the Steelers have plenty of time to work with. Keep an eye on the news wire as plenty of news will be coming over the next couple of months.

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