Steelers Darnell Washington says there 'ain't no roof' on George Pickens' potential

Steelers, George Pickens
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George Pickens may not have been perfect as a rookie during the 2022 season, but I don't think you will catch Pittsburgh Steelers fans complaining about the budding superstar anytime soon. While his route running needs some work and his overall route tree must be expanded over the coming years, Pickens was electrifying down the field and in contested catch situations in his first year.

This isn't something that is new. Despite being one of the youngest players entering the league in 2022, Pickens was making the same types of plays as an 18 and 19-year-old player during his Georgia days. Ask any of his former teammates, and they will tell you just how special this kid is.

Recently, former teammate and current Pittsburgh Steelers tight end, Darnell Washington, did exactly that. On an episode of the All Things Covered Podcast with Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson, Washington gushed over Pickens.

When asked about Pickens' potential for year two, Washington was adamant that there 'ain't no roof on it.' Here's what he had to say on All Things Covered via CBS Sports:

""His potential is... ain't no roof on it. I saw him in Georgia like doing crazy stuff against the defense we just had. Against one of the top people in the nation... I can't even explain it... His ball skills just makes him unique, you know. Like when people say 'I have crazy ball skills', he legit has it. So like, with this upcoming season, expect the world from him, like honestly.""

Darnell Washington via AT Covered Pod

The praise for George Pickens from Darnell Washington couldn't be much higher. This is a player whose career at Georgia overlapped with Pickens for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. This was all the time Washington needed to see the upside in the young wide receiver.

On the most talented team in the nation, Washington insists that Pickens' talent was impossible to ignore, and he's clearly excited to see what type of player he will become in year two with 'no roof' on his ceiling.

What should Steelers fans expect from George Pickens in year two?

It's always hard to predict exactly how a player will perform, and we've seen some wide receivers (like Diontae Johnson) who have regressed in terms of efficiency. However, I don't think this will be the case with George Pickens.

Already being an elite player at the catch point gives him a notably high floor of what he will be in 2023 -- even if he doesn't improve as a route-runner. If he does make headway in this department, look out. You are then talking about a player the Steelers can pepper with targets -- making him the potential focal point of the passing game.

In year two, Steelers fans can expect Pickens to show the same level of natural ability and dominance with the ball in the air while also making improvements to tightening up his routes, selling his head fakes, and increasing his route tree (the latter of which may depend on how Matt Canada intends to use him.

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Pickens might not be the high-volume receiver we are hoping for at age 22 this season, but his targets and usage in the red zone will go up. Darnell Washington isn't lying when he said there's 'no roof' on George Pickens' ceiling, and Pittsburgh Steelers fans can't wait to see what's in store in 2023.