Steelers Draft Grades: Evaluating Pittsburgh's highly-regarded 2024 class

The Steelers are getting rave reviews by most experts for their 2024 NFL Draft class. They get high marks.
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It is hard to believe that the 2024 NFL Draft has come and gone so quickly. The Steelers have been getting great reviews across the nation for their recent draft class. They were able to fill voids on their roster while also getting quality value. It has been giving fans hope, even though there remain some concerns on the roster at its current state.

We will see how this draft class turns out once it starts to play meaningful football. Right now, we are basing the grades off of the fit and where they were projected to be selected. It seems like this draft class by Pittsburgh should be another one that gets them closer to the team's end goal. Each one of their incoming rookies has an opportunity to play meaningful snaps in their first year.

Troy Fautanu. Fautanu. player. Grade: B+. . 521. . . Troy Fautanu. 1

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 1: Troy Fautanu, OT, Washington

They started off the draft class strong as they got a B+ grade for their first-round selection of Troy Fautanu. There is a rumor circulating that they had him ranked seventh on their draft board and were able to take him at 20 overall. That is amazing value. This one doesn't get an A just because he could have to play guard at the next level. If he fails at tackle, then that might hurt the team some.

. 2. player. . . Grade: B+. Zach Frazier. Frazier. Zach Frazier. 469

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 2: Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia

Back-to-back B+ grades to start off their 2024 NFL Draft class. The Steelers took Zach Frazier in the second round, which also proved to be great value based on where he was ranked on most draft boards heading into the event. This one failed to get an A just because he only plays center and hasn't played guard. That isn't much of a bad thing since the Steelers need a starting center.

3. . Roman Wilson. player. 485. Grade: A. Roman Wilson. . Wilson.

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 3: Roman Wilson, WR, Michigan

We get our first A on the list here. Roman Wilson was insane value at the 84th overall selection in the draft. Many thought he would go in the second round or early third at the latest. The Steelers remained patient and willing to gamble until their selection. Wilson will be an immediate impact receiver on offense, and it was surprising he was still there in round three.

. 3. Wilson. Payton Wilson. . Payton Wilson. player. Grade: A. 2272.

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 3: Payton Wilson, LB, NC State

What a way for the Steelers to cap off a great day two of the draft by taking Payton Wilson. No one expected Wilson to drop to this pick as the top linebacker in the nation had found a way to slip. The black and gold needed reassurance at linebacker and Wilson should be able to play a role on the starting defense immediately.

2496. McCormick. . Grade: B-. Mason McCormick. . . Mason McCormick. player. 4

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 4: Mason McCormick, OL, South Dakota State

It was somewhat surprising that the Steelers went with another offensive lineman here in the fourth round. Mason McCormick will provide interior line depth at center and guard this season. He was good value here, but they get a B- based on what they could have addressed with this selection. McCormick provides depth this year and a potential option to start in another year or two.

Logan Lee. . . Logan Lee. 6. Lee. Grade: C+. 483. . player

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 6: Logan Lee, DT, Iowa

Late in the draft is always a roll of the dice when it comes to whether a prospect will pan out or not. Logan Lee made a lot of sense at this point in the draft, but he is a developmental piece. They needed some immediate help in the trenches but waited a long time to address it in the draft. Lee isn't bad value here, but the defensive line could become an issue if injuries pile up like last year.

. 6. player. Watts. 467. . Ryan Watts. Ryan Watts. . Grade: C

Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Grade Round 6: Ryan Watts, DB, Texas

Someone in the Steelers draft room must have felt strongly about taking Ryan Watts here. He is a versatile defensive back who should also be able to contribute on special teams. Daequan Hardy was still available and proved to be a better option at slot cornerback. That spot remains a position of need, but hopefully, Watts can prove everyone wrong.

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