Steelers fans: Don't forget to thank assistant GM Andy Weidl

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There might not be a general manager in the business who has received more praise than Omar Khan during the 2023 offseason... and rightfully so. Fans didn't know what to expect from Khan after taking over for the legendary Kevin Colbert, but NFL experts are already calling this one the best offseasons by the Pittsburgh Steelers in recent memory.

After creating salary cap space and plugging holes in free agency with respectable veterans, Khan stole the show in the 2023 NFL Draft as he landed a more impressive haul than fans could have imagined -- selecting players like OT Broderick Jones, CB Joey Porter Jr., DL Keeanu Benton, TE Darnell Washington, LB Nick Herbig, and CB Cory Trice Jr.

The Steelers were the talk of the 2023 offseason, and on paper, it's not hard to see why. Khan deserves a good deal of the credit for the roster overhaul he managed since the beginning of the offseason. But with all of the praise that Khan is soaking up right now, let's not forget to thank the assistant GM for his role in all of this.

Andy Weidl deserves recognition for Steelers offseason

Omar Khan has been with the Steelers for just two decades, but he didn't officially take over as general manager until May 24th of 2022. Coincidentally, Andy Weidl was hired as Pittsburgh's assistant GM on the same day, per Pro Football Talk -- claiming a new title in the front office.

Even if ownership knew the hirings were happening at the same time, this means that the two front office heads were truly working together since the beginning. We know that Khan was a salary cap genius. It's guys like him that cause fans to say that the salary cap is a myth. But what did Weidl bring to the table?

His role in all of this might be equally as important. We have seen the work he has done in the Eagles' front office since 2016, and he was partially responsible for assembling a championship roster.

Weidl clearly has a real eye for talent, and he brought with him some thresholds that the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't previously have. The offensive line guru historically values long, powerful players up front and it was no surprise to see this instantly play out in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh brought in a handful of players with former Eagles roots and the team trusted Weidl enough to put him in charge of assembling the Steelers' draft board. When we look at the impressive draft haul Pittsburgh had this year, Andy Weidl should be one of the first names we credit, as Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan were choosing from the board he put together. It certainly felt like Weidl knew what he was doing.

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I'm not asking Steelers fans to discredit Omar Khan in any way. I think Pittsburgh's new general manager has done an outstanding job so far. Just don't forget to show some love to the assistant GM. Andy Weidl doesn't get as much recognition as Khan, but his role in the 2023 offseason might have been equally as important.