Steelers fans must dismiss trade talk as pure fantasy at this point

The rumor mill is slowing, and the Steelers haven't executed a trade for a receiver yet; It's time to move on.
Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

Over the past few months, trade rumors have bombarded Steelers fans. These rumors mainly involve the Steelers and a potential high-profile player. These rumors often revolve around the wide receiver position. Initially, there were murmurs about Tee Higgens joining the Steelers, but as we know, that never materialized.

Subsequently, the rumor mill churned out whispers about the Steelers' interest in Brandon Aiyuk. His agent's dismissal of these rumors only added to the mystery. Then, during the draft, there were reports that the Steelers called about a trade for Aiyuk. However, the details of this alleged attempt remain chiefly speculative.

Then, after the draft, we were plagued with additional rumors that the Steelers could land a high-profile player, many of whom assumed it was another wide receiver.

Day after day goes by, and no trace of any trade has emerged. The latest rumor mill had the Steelers targeting Courtland Sutton. It appears it's more rumor than reality, as nothing has happened.

Steelers trade rumors are more red herring than reality

Fans need to start dismissing the trade rumors. If a trade for anyone had been in the works, the Steelers should have finalized it by now. Yes, the Steelers still have gaps in the wide receiver department. The addition of Roman Wilson helps plug that gap, but unless he is the second coming of Jerry Rice or Lynn Swann, it'd be hard to see the Steelers not needing another talented veteran to add to the lineup.

The truth is that no trade is in the works. If a team offered a player at a trade price the Steelers found even more appetizing, Omar Khan would have pulled the trigger. The harsh reality is that no receiver or otherwise is being offered a price Omar Khan feels is affordable.

As exciting as the prospect of trading for another dynamic wide receiver is, don't hold your breath over it. The Steelers probably have no plans to trade for anyone. If they had a valid trade option, the trade would already be a done deal.

Fans need to move on from any trade options and focus on what the Steelers have headed into September.