Steelers fans need to keep a close eye on these intriguing prospects at the NFL Combine this week

Steelers, Ivan Pace Jr.
Steelers, Ivan Pace Jr. / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Finding the next great player through the draft is no easy task to accomplish. The best thing that good teams do is consistently find ways to get quality players throughout the seven rounds of the draft and beyond. The Steelers have been one of the more consistent teams over their franchises history when it comes to evaluating, drafting, and developing talent from within.

This week marks the start of the NFL combine as it lasts from February 28 through March fifth. During that time, players and teams will meet in unique interviews and workouts. Another part of the draft puzzle commences at the combine in Indianapolis every year and Pittsburgh will have their personnel present.

Cody Mauch brings a lot of intrigue if the Steelers go against the grain

One of the best showings at the Senior Bowl event was Cody Mauch. The North Dakota State product has started to separate from the pack in this draft class. One of the biggest things that Mauch accomplished was his exposure with position flexibility.

The Steelers normally steer clear of top prospects that have not attended power five schools. Omar Khan holds the reigns with this being his first draft as the organization’s active General manager. He could have different viewpoints on this draft philosophy. Mauch is an interesting day two prospect that played tackle in college and showed ability at both guard and center at the Senior Bowl.

Seemingly every year there is a "big man" that visually stands out among the crowd. Mauch seems to be taking that moniker this draft season and that should continue moving forward. The Steelers should have interest in this player, especially with the type of position flexibility he provides.