Steelers fans were quick to forget about these 3 former players on new teams

Steelers fans might have forgotten about these former Steelers who signed with new teams this offseason.
Chase Claypool
Chase Claypool / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

As the offseason comes to a close and football is right around the corner, the Steelers will be closing the book on another busy offseason. Omar Khan made plenty of moves and brought a lot of talent to the Steel City for the 2024 season. However, you can't bring everyone back.

Some former Steelers have gone on to have great success after leaving and others not so much. Which group will this batch of former Steelers fall into? Only time will tell, but Steelers fans may be surprised to see these 3 former Steelers on new teams this season.

1. Chase Claypool, Buffalo Bills

It wasn't that long ago that Chase Claypool was viewed as an integral young piece on the Steelers roster.

After a breakout rookie season in 2020 where he had 11 total touchdowns, Claypool has had just 4 touchdowns since that season. That also matches the number of teams he's played on. He was traded to the Chicago Bears during the 2022 season, where he struggled to catch on despite getting decent playing time. Last season, he was traded to the Miami Dolphins and caught 4 passes with them during 9 games. And now he's signed with the Buffalo Bills.

It'll always be a question of what if with Claypool. He had all the physical tools to be a great wide receiver, but couldn't put it all together. This chance with Buffalo could be his last to stay in the NFL.

2. Devin Bush, Cleveland Browns

Similar to Claypool, Bush is another missed opportunity for the Steelers. After finishing third in Defensive Rookie of the Year voting in 2019, Bush never returned to that form in Pittsburgh.

He never topped 100 tackles again, didn't have an interception again after posting 2 in 2019, and had only one fumble recovery after having four during his rookie season. It seemed like Bush got worse as he played more years in the league as he found himself out of position way too many times and became a liability.

Bush flashed the talent that got him drafted 10th overall during his rookie year but failed to replicate that and ended up signing with the Seattle Seahawks for the 2023 season. He only started 3 games with them and now has made his way to Cleveland, where he has to perform in camp or he could be cut. Bush and Claypool both had the talent to be contributors in Pittsburgh for a long time, but couldn't ever put it all together.

3. Bud Dupree, Los Angeles Chargers

Unlike Bush and Claypool, Bud Dupree was able to give the Steelers multiple great seasons before leaving.

Dupree had a 6, 8, and 11.5 sack season respectively in Pittsburgh across his 6 seasons with the Steelers. Dupree and T.J. Watt formed a great pass-rushing duo, which is why it was difficult for the Steelers to let Dupree in 2021. He signed with the Titans for a good payday but struggled to catch on with them. He had a combined 7 sacks across his two seasons in Tennessee.

Last season, Dupree played for the Atlanta Falcons and had 6.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles, returning closer to the form he showed in Pittsburgh. He was rewarded for that performance with a two-year year from the Chargers, where he'll get the chance to back up Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack. Dupree is 31 years old now, so this could be his last opportunity to play in the league before Father Time catches up to him.