Steelers fans will cringe at the thought of these potential 2023 NFL Draft scenarios

Jordan Addison, Steelers
Jordan Addison, Steelers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Taking a linebacker in round one makes no sense for Steelers

Selecting either an inside or outside linebacker makes little sense for the Steelers in round one. It could be more understandable if a top edge rusher falls to the team that was otherwise unexpected, but even then, it might be a gamble. Keeping an open mind heading into the draft is normally the best course of action, but the team has too many holes to fill at positions of need to add to either linebacker position that early.

Inside linebacker is not a talented class overall as none of the top prospects are making much noise to be picked on night one. Names like Jack Campbell, Trenton Simpson, and Daiyan Henley would make a lot of sense on day two of the draft rather than reaching on day one. The moves made in free agency should stop the immediate need to address this position in the first round.

Outside linebacker could make some more sense being taken with the first pick rather than the inside spot. Some names that could be under consideration are Lukas Van Ness, Myles Murphy, and Nolan Smith. Drafting a player this early must be someone you get contributions from on day one. None of these players are going to command any major playing time over the current starters. You only take someone this early to take over for Alex Highsmith if you let him leave via free agency.