Steelers final record prediction: Writers' predictions for the remainder of the year

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Final prediction has the Steelers keeping their non-losing season streak alive

Pittsburgh will have a 50/50 road and home split when it comes to their final 12 games of the season. That could present some challenges, but the NFL should start to separate between the good teams and the bad teams with each passing week from now on. The Steelers seem to be about average at best yet again and that should lead to another rocky path in front of them.

There are plenty of winnable games on the stretch run of the season for the Steelers, but they could also lose those games if they're not careful. The offense needs to at least go from dead in the water to an animal that can swim at a near snail's pace to have a chance at the playoffs. It is going to be stressful and ugly for fans to watch, but this team should have a shot.

Final record prediction: 9-8

It will all come down to if the black and gold can win the games that they are perceived to win. If they can accomplish that, then this club will make the playoffs. If they are as bad as their blowout losses from now on, then they will likely be one of the top picks in the upcoming NFL draft this spring. Seven of their last 12 games will be against AFC opponents and that will be their guide to the playoffs.

If they can win those seven, then they will have a great chance of making the playoffs in a wild card spot at the worst. The Steelers need to compete in the remaining AFC matchups that they have left on their schedule and right now it seems like they might be able to. If their defense can find a way to sure up their secondary and make splash plays and the offense can show signs of life, then this club will sneak into the playoffs. It is unlikely based on what we have seen thus far though.

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