Steelers final report card: Grading each positional group for the 2023 season

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Running backs: A

After watching what they did during the second half of the 2023 season, there's a strong case to be made that Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris were the best running-back tandem in the league. These two players improved in efficiency down the stretch as they finished with career performances.

Ironically, both of these backs finished within two points of each other in terms of their overall Pro Football Focus grades this season, with Warren sightly edging out Harris. If you look at their production individually, the numbers aren't impressive, but as a duo, they combined to make one of the league's best work-horse backs.

Najee finished the year with 1,035 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns, while Warren added 784 yards and 4 scores of his own. This dynamic duo added 90 receptions in the passing game.

Warren was the more efficient back of the two -- rushing for 5.3 yards per carry with a run success rate of 49.7 percent. Still, the two backs proved to be excellent complements of each other, and when the offensive line started playing well, they were hard to stop. It's also worth noting that their ability to stay healthy meant that the Steelers never had to resort to a third running back this season (though Calvin Austin III and George Pickens did see the occasional jet sweep from the backfield).