Steelers final report card: Grading each positional group for the 2023 season

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Offensive line: C-

This is where things get tricky. Certain offensive linemen on the Pittsburgh Steelers really stepped up their game as the season went on, while others remained as inconsistent as ever. While I could break this down between tackles, guards, and the center, I'm going to give a collective grade for the unit (considering they operate as a unit anyway).

The problem with this is that if one cog in the machine isn't working properly, the whole thing could go down. This is exactly what we saw. Personally, I thought James Daniels was very consistent, while Isaac Seumalo turned things around and was one of the better guards in the league by the second half of the season.

Likewise, rookie first-round offensive tackle, Broderick Jones, certainly had his ups and downs in 2023. He could be rock-solid one moment, then have an ugly rep the next. For the most part, however, his presence made a big impact on the running game and the performance of the offensive line in general.

Without a doubt, the biggest weaknesses came at left tackle and center. Dan Moore Jr. hasn't shown much improvement since coming into the league as a former fourth-round pick in 2021, while Mason Cole was steamrolled far too often. These are two positions the Steelers will no doubt look to upgrade during the 2024 offseason. They brought the collective grade of this unit down to just a C-.