Steelers have to hire this stacked offensive coaching staff this offseason

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Mike Tomlin goes outside the box by expanding his coaching staff

Steelers hire: Byron Leftwich, Passing game coordinator and special assistant to the quarterbacks

Even before Canada was fired by the Steelers, the rumors of Byron Leftwich wishing to join the Steelers staff was a popular subject. He reportedly reached out to Pittsburgh with hopes of getting his foot in the door to take over as the offensive coordinator. It still seems likely that he will be a top candidate for the job when the hiring process occurs.

No matter how much Leftwich would like that job, it seems like he would be better off becoming the offensive version of Brian Flores of last year. He needs to get his foot in the door again in the coaching ranks and this would be a tremendous opportunity. If he can find a way to help Pittsburgh's offense get back on track then he will be in line for a coordinator spot in no time.

In this scenario, he would also be a special assistant to the quarterbacks. Mike Sullivan will be the quarterbacks coach, but Leftwich will be specifically in charge of trying to fix Pickett's career. One would have to imagine that the Steelers will try one last rodeo with Pickett as the starter no matter how the rest of the season plays out.

It seems likely that Leftwich will get another NFL opportunity this offseason and Tomlin has a history with the former quarterback. If he can find a way to change Pickett's career for the better then he will have plenty of NFL eyes on him. This would be a great chance to move in the right direction while also not having a huge responsibility on his shoulders.