Steelers keep OL investment going in way-too-early 2024 mock draft

Sedrick Van Pran, Steelers
Sedrick Van Pran, Steelers / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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Georgia. 2. player. . . Sedrick Van Pran. 527. Center

Steelers mock draft round 2: OC Sedrick Van Pran

As mentioned earlier in the article, center will likely be a missing spot in the starting lineup for next season. It is possible that the black and gold either re-sign Mason Cole or bring in another veteran to replace him in free agency. We know that the club studied the interior offensive lineman in this past draft class closely, which could carry over to 2024.

Sedrick Van Pran would have been one of the top centers in this past draft class if he was involved. He has seen great success during his time at Georgia and should carry that into his final collegiate season. Van Pran would be a plug and play center for the Steelers and it would carry on the recent connection between that program and the steel city.

Cam Hart. player. 443. Notre Dame. 3. . . Cornerback

Steelers mock draft round 3: CB Cam Hart

Another cornerback gets invested in this team early into the process yet again. Joey Porter Jr. and Patrick Peterson will likely be the starters on the outside, but Peterson is not getting any younger. Bringing in another outside cornerback that possesses the perfect size and physicality the Steelers look for to sit behind Peterson for a year would be great. Cam Hart is not a finished product and has a lot to prove this season, but he has all the physical traits that every NFL club looks for.