Steelers legend ranks among longest-tenured coaches in NFL history

Plenty of Head coaches throughout NFL history have enjoyed long careers at the helm of teams.
Pittsburgh Steelers Chuck Noll
Pittsburgh Steelers Chuck Noll / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

It turns out that the Steelers are not the only NFL franchise who have had long-tenured head coaches.

Plenty of head coaches throughout NFL history have been able to hold onto their role for several decades. It has brought success to their organization and molded them into historic figures in the football world. With the number of Head coaching jobs that seem to be turned over each year, these tenures seem like a thing of the past.

Mike Tomlin could give them a run for their money if the Steelers continue to stick by him.

29 NFL Seasons. . Tom Landry. T1. . . Tom Landry. Landry. player. 123

T1. Longest tenured NFL HC: Tom Landry, 29 seasons

Tom Landry is one of the most iconic coaches the NFL has ever seen.

Many will remember him as the Dallas Cowboys Head coach who wore a full suit to each game accompanied by his iconic fedora. He coached with Dallas for 29 seasons, which we may never see again in the NFL. Landry won two Super Bowls and a Coach of the Year award during his stint with the Cowboys—a truly iconic NFL figure who remains in the Hall of Fame.

T1. . 49. . 29 NFL Seasons. Curly Lambeau. player. Lambeau. . Curly Lambeau

T1. Longest tenured NFL HC: Curly Lambeau, 29 seasons

Not only was Curly Lambeau an iconic player in NFL history, but he was a great Head coach.

He did the majority of his professional career in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. He won many championships and cemented himself as one of the best to ever coach in the NFL. Lambeau also helped start up the Green Bay Packers before joining their ranks. One of the most iconic fields carries his namesake.

Lambeau ended his career with many accomplishments, namely six championships and an induction into the Hall of Fame.

Don Shula. 59. Shula. . 26 NFL Seasons. . Don Shula. 3. . player

3. Longest tenured NFL HC: Don Shula, 26 seasons

When people think of top NFL coaches throughout history, it's hard to look past Don Shula.

He remains the record holder for most wins by a Head coach in the history of the league. He also was able to lead to Dolphins to an undefeated season, which no other team has been able to accomplish. Shula was a great coach and it led to two Super Bowl wins and an NFL Championship throughout his coaching career.

Some might not realize Shula was a solid Head coach with the Baltimore Colts before he went to the Miami Dolphins.

Bill Belichick. player. . 47. 24 NFL Seasons. . Bill Belichick. Belichick. . T4

T4. Longest tenured NFL HC: Bill Belichick, 24 seasons

He led what many consider the evil empire of the NFL since plenty of the Patriot's success was shrouded around cheating scandals.

No matter how you slice it, Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches in NFL history, if not the best. Yes, you can debate if it was him or Tom Brady being the main reason for massive success, but Belichick did great things throughout his career to keep that dynasty alive. His long tenure with New England is over, and it seems like his career will keep going as long as he can find another job soon.

Owen. 24 NFL Seasons. . T4. 31. . . Steve Owen. player. Steve Owen

T4. Longest tenured NFL HC: Steve Owen, 24 seasons

You have to look deep into the NFL records to find information about the historic run of Steve Owen and the New York Giants.

He was a legendary coach for their franchise and stuck around for 24 seasons. He won two NFL Championships during his time with New York and still holds the record for most wins in franchise history by a Head coach. Owen was inducted into the Giants Ring of Honor and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He did coach for a couple of other teams after New York, including some time in Canada.

Noll. player. Chuck Noll. Chuck Noll. . . 55. 23 NFL Seasons. . 6

6. Longest tenured NFL HC: Chuck Noll, 23 seasons

We reach the Steelers longest tenured Head coach, as he gets to sixth place on this list.

Chuck Noll is synonymous with the Steelers and led them to one of the best dynasties in NFL history. It was a successful 23 seasons for the most part. He won four Super Bowls and made both the NFL's '70s and '80s All-decade teams. He truly was a legend. He created a monster in the '70s that had a ton of Hall of Fame players that he helped coach.

Mike Tomlin is getting close to beating Noll's tenure with the Steelers, and Pittsburgh continues to prove they like to hang onto their Head coaches.

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