Steelers make a franchise-altering trade in final 2023 NFL mock draft

Paris Johnson Jr., Steelers
Paris Johnson Jr., Steelers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Thursday night is the granddaddy of them all as the entirety of the pre-draft prep will finally end. The Steelers will likely be busy during night one of the draft as rumors of their potential trade up could still be in the works for a top offensive tackle in this class. We will see what happens with a trade on night one but do not discount the opportunity of trading back from pick 32 that could be presented to this club.

There will be plenty of good players left at pick 17 to choose from if Pittsburgh decides to wait their turn, which is normally custom. Omar Khan will be spearheading his first draft as the general manager for the black and gold. He has shown an uncanny ability to make a lot of noise during his first offseason in command. Do not be shocked if some wheeling and dealing continues throughout draft weekend.

TRADE: Steelers receive picks 9 and a 2024 7th rounder. Bears receive picks 17 & 32.

Khan stays aggressive this offseason and the rumors become reality as a certain tackle prospect slips some in the top ten. Chicago is intrigued with getting their top choice in the second round back that they lost in the Chase Claypool trade. It is a valuable piece to let go of, but this move should allow for the black and gold a chance at selecting one of the top tackles in this class.

This new front office seems very specific in the certain types of players that they are looking for. It is also possible that the Steelers would like to keep their original pick at 17 and move back from pick 32 to gain some extra picks in this draft. They see an amazing opportunity in front of them and feel the need to jump on this deal with the Bears.