Steelers make some controversial decisions in latest 2024 mock offseason

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De'Corian Clark. . . Wide receiver. De'Corian Clark. 7. player. 2382. . De'Corian Clark

Steelers mock draft Round 7: De'Corian Clark, WR, UTSA

Pittsburgh signed Brown earlier and free agency and they also re-signed Boykin. Brown will be the starter in the slot, and Boykin will remain a primary special teams' contributor with a depth option at receiver. The Steelers still feel like they could have done more to improve their depth at receiver by this point in the NFL Draft.

Calvin Austin III is still there, but he didn't provide much on offense last season. The hope here is that he can show signs of improvement this time around or someone else steps up outside of George Pickens and Diontae Johnson. The black and gold decided to end their 2024 draft class by adding a receiver who could have a high upside if he can stay healthy.

De'Corian Clark is the choice coming out of UTSA. The Roadrunners are still a new program and have only been around for about a decade. They have produced some NFL talent over the past several years. Clark has done great things when he can stay on the field. His production during his collegiate career has been strong and something the Steelers are worth gambling their final selection on.

Again, the biggest thing with Clark will be him remaining healthy at the next level. He has the talent to be an effective receiver at the next level. He has not been able to stay healthy over the past couple of years and that has hindered his draft stock. We know the black and gold have shown some interest pre-draft in him, so this could be a nice shot in the dark to try and land a steal to close out the mock offseason for the Steelers.

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