Steelers make some noise in AFC North team-by-team 2023 season prediction

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Baltimore Rvanes. . . Division record (3-3). . 26. Overall record (10-7). 3. .

Baltimore is a team that many are not expecting much from, but they have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. The issues are in the trenches for them and that could come back to haunt them as the season moves on, especially with an injury-prone quarterback. These birds will push for a playoff spot and make the final wild card in this scenario.

After the first six weeks, the Ravens go (4-2) which would be impressive with four out of their first six games being on the road. They follow that up by being (6-4) by the time week ten rolls around. They have a couple of tough opponents in that stretch that could give them issues. They wind up being (7-5) at their late bye week.

Their final five games of their schedule are tough for the most part. This is where things could get the Ravens in trouble if they are at a (7-5) record. They play three of those five at home but two of those will be against two AFC teams that will be vying for a playoff chance. It is going to be hard for them to win most of their games down the stretch, but they upset the 49ers on the road in week 15.

Things could go a lot better for the Ravens this season if they can win a couple more games before their bye week hits compared to what is predicted here. They have a tough stretch of opponents and travel following that late bye week that could hurt them. If Lamar Jackson stays healthy, they have a shot, but it is going to be tough to overcome their issues in the trenches.