Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh adds an offensive weapon early

The Steelers start this mock draft with some firepower on offense and add quality picks later on.

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Steelers mock draft round 7: Gabe Hall, DT, Baylor

A lot of desperation felt toward adding a defensive lineman of impact this offseason will depend on one thing. The future of Larry Ogunjobi will have a direct effect on the Steelers to either draft a prospect high or sign an impact-free agent. There are options available that can help them, but in this scenario, Ogunjobi remains in Pittsburgh.

If that becomes reality, no one should expect too many earth-shattering changes. The Steelers will hope for Keeanu Benton to take the next step and for Ogunjobi and Cam Heyward to rebound. Drafting a defensive lineman early is not out of the question, but it seems like they might hold off for now. Getting younger in the trenches is a wise choice, but this mock draft did not work out that way.

With their final pick in the draft, the Steelers take Gabe Hall out of Baylor. He has a lot of good physical size, but his lack of production in college is a problem. He gained a bigger role throughout his career at Baylor, but the production did not improve over time. He is someone that needs work at the next level.

If he can refine his skills in rushing the passer, then Hall might have a role in Pittsburgh. He is worth the gamble with the final pick in this mock draft. He needs work, but he also has some skills that are worth investing in. His Senior Bowl was pretty good, but nothing great. Hall will challenge some bottom-of-the-roster guys in his attempt to make the final roster.

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