Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh reaches to fill remaining needs

Clemson linebacker Trenton Simpson (LB28)
Clemson linebacker Trenton Simpson (LB28) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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NT. 4. . . Coastal Carolina. Jerrod Clark. player. 2290

Steelers mock draft round 4: NT Jerrod Clark

Jerrod Clark isn’t much of an athlete, but he fits the big man mold that the Steelers seemingly want out of their linemen. He comes from a smaller school, but he was a productive run-stuffer and pass-rusher while in school. While he fits the mold as a two-down nose tackle, he could develop into so much more.

Clark is a powerful player that dominated the line of scrimmage in school. His long arms and stout base made him hard to move, and he consistently had his way with linemen. His technique is pretty raw, as he won with pure power in school. That said, he can be inserted in run defense early and if he gets better as a pass rusher, he could become a three-down player.

I’d expect him to compete at nose tackle early in his career, as he has a powerful frame that will be hard to ignore. His ceiling is on the higher end as well, given his raw power made him so effective and if he can gain some better technique, he should be a viable pass rusher. There is some projection there, but Clark looks good on paper.