Steelers mock offseason: Building Pittsburgh's roster from the ground up in 2024

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett (8)
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. . WR. Xavier Legette. Xavier Legette. 2. player. South Carolina. 533. Xavier Legette

Steelers mock draft round two: Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina

Well, the run-on centers was earlier than I expected. My goal was to land Zach Frazier here, but he somehow went in the first round to the Ravens of all teams. I wasn’t opposed to moving up for him, but that kind of jump was illogical. I’ll have to change my plan on the fly.

Speaking of, there is no player I love at pick 52 now. The 49ers happened to show interest in the pick, so I decided to trade back and acquire their third-round pick (94th overall) and a fourth-round pick next year. With the extra pick and how the board breaks down, I opt to draft Xavier Legette.

In another deep receiver class, Legette is one of my early draft crushes. Diontae Johnson likely isn’t going to be around for the long term, so I want to find a potential replacement now to develop him in this system. Leggette fits that mold better, as he can struggle against press coverage and can work underneath.

The Arthur Smith offense doesn’t provide a lot of work for a third receiver, so Legette can develop his route running this year in a reserve role. Assuming Johnson departs, Legette can work with George Pickens as the primary pair of starters for this offense in the future.