Steelers mock trades for a wide receiver as trade rumors heat up

Rumors are starting to heat up that the Steelers could be landing a star receiver and one of these mock trades could be the outcome.
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Rumors are again swirling that claim the Steelers will be doing their best to trade for or add a quality receiver. It is unknown what the potential time frame would be for this addition, but it seems like it could be sooner rather than later. The rumor stated by former Steeler, Bryant McFadden claims Pittsburgh is close to getting a "significant playmaker".

We will see if that transpires, but one would have to assume that adding talent to the position will probably come via trade if something does happen. There have been plenty of trade rumors surrounding the Steelers at receiver before the draft.

Even though they added Roman Wilson in the third round, expect the black and gold to stay in the market for a potential upgrade at either outside or slot receiver before training camp opens.


Courtland Sutton remains the most likely trade target for Pittsburgh

This is the one everyone is pointing to after the rumor came out. Even Antonio Brown tweeted out that two players can't wear 14. This likely hints at George Pickens wearing 14 for the Steelers and Courtland Sutton currently wearing the same number in Denver.

Sutton is coming off his best season and has another year under contract before becoming a free agent. It probably wouldn't cost much to get the player as Sutton has been a quality receiver, but he is far from a top player at his position.


The Steelers would make a splash by acquiring Davante Adams

Could you imagine the headlines across the NFL if the Steelers somehow pulled off trading for Davante Adams this offseason? It would surely be a big get and an added upgrade to the receiving core. Adams still produces quality seasons and would be the best player to acquire on this list.

That being said, fans would have to accept the steep price that would come with getting a player of Adams's ilk. It could cost more than what this mock draft laid out.


Tee Higgins would be a great addition but is the least likely right now

We move onto probably the most controversial trade idea on this list as the Steelers and Bengals push a deal through here. Tee Higgins is a quality receiver, but he is asking for a new contract that will pay him well.

Pittsburgh would have to accept that new deal, but it would provide for an immediate upgrade on the opposite side of Pickens. This would be an unusual move as AFC North teams rarely complete trades with each other.


The Steelers remain in the trade market for Deebo Samuel

Other than Sutton being rumored to be the top trade target for the Steelers, Deebo Samuel has had his name pop up recently. Don't discount Brandon Aiyuk either, but he would probably cost more to acquire than Samuel.

One thing is for sure when you trade for someone like Samuel, you need to have a specific plan to deploy him. If Arthur Smith has a plan laid out for Samuel, then this trade would be a decent deal. Moving a roster player and a second-round pick is a steep price though.

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