Steelers must go after one of these three quarterbacks during the 2024 offseason

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Baker Mayfield would make sense on a short-short-term deal with the Steelers

Up first is Baker Mayfield, who has done a tremendous job at rejuvenating his career. He was able to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past season and win the job. From there he helped lead his team to a division title and playoff success. He has earned a starting job for another year or two after his performance this year.

The biggest concern with this option is the idea that Tampa would allow Mayfield to walk in free agency. The club has no other options in their starting spot. It seems likely that Mayfield will re-sign with the Bucs before he has a chance to hit the free agency market. But stranger things have happened between a pending free agent and his current team before.

Pittsburgh should show interest in Mayfield if he does somehow hit the open market in March. A deal with Mayfield would probably mean you are moving on from Pickett. You could say it's a competition, but few people would believe Pickett would beat out Mayfield for the job. Mayfield would sign with the Steelers knowing he will likely win the job.

A contract that would make sense for Mayfield would probably land in a two to three-year offer. That should include a reasonable yearly salary of a borderline starter at around 10 to 15 million per season. The Steelers would need to open up spending change, but Mayfield would be a good option.