Steelers news: Pittsburgh lands Broderick Jones, trade-back talks, and more

Steelers, Broderick Jones
Steelers, Broderick Jones / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

I think the start of the 2023 NFL Draft went about as well as Pittsburgh Steelers fans could have expected. Omar Khan entered his first season with an emphasis on improving the offensive line, and he's done more than a patchwork job so far.

Entering Day 1 of the draft, there were several players high on our radar who could be potential candidates, and Pittsburgh was able to secure one high-upside player they have had their eyes on since the beginning of the pre-draft process. The latest Steelers news surrounds Pittsburgh's newest member and sheds light on the talent still available.

Steelers news:

With the 17th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers... did not stand pat. Instead, they traded up to pick 14 with the New England Patriots to snag Georgia offensive tackle, Broderick Jones. This came after an early run on tackles that saw Paris Johnson Jr. being taken 6th overall with Darnell Wright (9th pick) and Peter Skoronski (11th pick) flying off the board early.

The run on tackles no doubt influenced Khan's decision to get aggressive. This is something we predicted might happen, and fans are probably glad it did. The Steelers now get their left tackle of the future and blindside protector for Kenny Pickett.

Jones has freakish traits for the position, and with some refinement, he has the makings of a long-time starter. It was the first time Pittsburgh has taken a tackle in the first round since Jamian Stephens in 1996.

More Steelers news:

After landing their offensive tackle in Round 1, there's a lot of speculation that the Pittsburgh Steelers could be trying to trade back from the 32nd overall pick. Finding a suitor might not be as hard as we originally predicted as quarterbacks Will Levis and Hendon Hooker are still ripe for the picking.

Moving back and picking up another pick is enticing, but so is taking a talented defensive back like Joey Porter Jr. or Brian Branch at pick 32. Both players were considered to be possible candidates for Pittsburgh at pick 17 with many mocking Porter in that spot. Steelers trade talks are already starting to heat up and we could see a move when they are back on the clock with the 32nd overall pick.

NFL news:

Immediately following the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, Bleacher Report handed out grades to each team who made a selection on Day 1. Unsurprisingly, Brent Sobleski of B/R handed the Philadelphia Eagles an 'A' for snagging two premier Georgia defenders in DT Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith.

Bleacher Report gave the Steelers a 'B+' for taking Broderick Jones, and Sobleski had a lot of positive things to say about the Georgia offensive tackle. Meanwhile, the Washington Commanders received the worst grade for their selection -- earning an 'F' for taking 166-pound cornerback, Emmanuel Forbes at pick 16 when Christian Gonzalez was still on the board.

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