Steelers offense finally starts to turn a corner in NFL Week 8 Picks and Predictions

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Kansas City Chiefs (6-1) vs Denver Broncos (2-5), Sunday at 4:25 P.M. EST

Prediction: Chiefs 24, Broncos 17

Here we go again when it comes to the obvious expected winner of this outcome. Kansas City has been on a tear this year, but they seem to be relying on Travis Kelce too much. He does have an extensive injury history so his workload could be an issue down the line. A seven-point controlled win for the Chiefs in Denver makes sense.

Cincinnati Bengals (3-3) vs San Francisco 49ers (5-2), Sunday at 4:25 P.M. EST

Prediction: 49ers 26, Bengals 24

Are the 49ers falling apart, or are they just shooting themselves in the foot? That will be answered this week as they host the Bengals. It should be a tough battle between these two as they have a couple of offenses looking to regain consistency and two defenses that have played well this year. Expect a tight game, but San Francisco wins in the end.

Chicago Bears (2-5) vs LA Chargers (2-4), Sunday at 8:20 P.M. EST

Prediction: Chargers 27, Bears 18

Both clubs have their coaches on the hot seat as their seasons have gone by the wayside. The Chargers still seem to be the better of the two clubs as they have the better quarterback in Justin Herbert. It is hard to imagine why the NFL schedulers picked this game for Sunday Night Football. Many other matchups would have filled that spot better.

Las Vegas Raiders (3-4) vs Detroit Lions (5-2), Monday at 8:15 P.M. EST

Prediction: Lions 25, Raiders 20

Detroit is coming off an embarrassing loss on the road at the hands of the Ravens. They should be able to rebound this week against Las Vegas at home. It is a prime-time matchup, but the Lions are the better football team coming into this contest. The end score will be close, but the blood pressure of Detroit fans shouldn't get too high.

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