Steelers offensive woes this season are a three-headed monster that fans can't see

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Matt Canada is officially out as the Steelers offensive coordinator after two and a half years of failed offensive schemes. He was a scapegoat for the offensive woes that have faced the black and gold ever since he was promoted from the quarterbacks coach to the top offensive play caller. Many gave him plenty of excuses as to why his offense wasn't working, but those fell apart this week.

My first thought was Canada had an old Hall of Fame quarterback who would not play in his system. Then it was that he had a rookie quarterback that still had to grow into his role. It seems none were true, but not everything should fall on Canada's shoulders. The Steelers' offense has a lot of problems right now, and they hope moving on from Canada will show some sort of improvement.

Matt Canada is now fired and that takes away the scapegoat of the Steelers problems

Now that Canada is gone, there are two positional coaches who will take over a variety of roles that the vacancy leaves behind. Eddie Faulkner, the team's running backs coach will be the interim offensive coordinator. Mike Sullivan, the club's quarterbacks coach, will gain the play-calling duties. It will be a group effort by this staff moving forward.

Canada gained most of the heat when it came to the poor offensive outcomes for the team over the past two and a half years. It was an ugly thing to behold, but when something that bad occurs one man cannot be the sole reason behind it. There are three heads to this monster when it comes to why this offense has gone floppy.

Don't get it twisted, Matt Canada was one of the worst offensive coordinators that the NFL has ever seen. He deserved to be fired long ago, but he is not the only problem. One head is gone from the problems on offense for Pittsburgh. Two remain and they could be the next scapegoats when the offense struggles for the remainder of the season.