Steelers offensive woes this season are a three-headed monster that fans can't see

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Kenny Pickett will now have all the pressure on him

For one reason or another, fans refuse to put blame on Kenny Pickett as of now. It seems like the tide is changing in that regard as the second-year quarterback has shown signs of regression. It looks like Pittsburgh might be in panic mode after losing to the Browns and only producing 10 points in the process. It is a mess in the Steel City right now.

Mike Tomlin seems to be expressing his frustrations towards Pickett and the offensive issues. It is something that Tomlin has refused to focus on much since they were winning. The loss against Cleveland seems to have changed a lot of things in that locker room. Pickett will have the remaining seven games of the season to show what he's got.

No matter how poor an offensive coordinator is, there will always be a quarterback who can still make routine plays and add points on the board. Pickett has missed easy throws and it seems like his career is falling apart currently. Maybe a change at the play caller spot can turn things around, or maybe it will make things worse.

Will Pickett be the guy that the Steelers thought they were getting at the University of Pittsburgh? Or will he be a bust like he seems to be? That will be up to this young quarterback to figure out. If he plays much better and helps lead the Steelers to the playoffs, then he will have saved his job. If he stays on his current trajectory or worse, then his starting job will come into question.