Steelers offseason positional primer: Pass catching options for 2024

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Steelers in-house pass-catching options

Let's start off with an easy one here, the tight end room is set heading into the offseason. Sure, some camp bodies will circle around to the team, but the core four here are all quality options. Freiermuth and Washington will continue to serve as the primary options while Heyward will be the unique flex option. Rodney Williams is a good fourth option with special teams ability.

The only question comes down to Freirmuth getting a new contract. At the beginning of this season, I was sure he would land a top tight-end deal this year, but that isn’t as likely considering his past season. If I were to guess, he plays out his rookie deal and gets tagged next season unless the team is willing to look past this season when giving him a new deal.

The receiver room is murkier. The only pending free agent is Miles Boykin, and I’m assuming the team will be happy to offer him another minimum deal if he wants it. He is a fine special teams player and a decent blocker on offense when called upon.

Allen Robinson was a good veteran presence, but his lack of production and heavy contract make him a prime cut candidate. The only way I think he stays is if he is willing to reduce his contract down to the minimum. That said, I’m assuming he plays elsewhere next year.

With Austin not proving much this season, I really think you need to nail down a competent slot receiver while also adding talent to the depth chart on the outside. The team did sign Denzel Mims and Marquez Callaway to reserve deals. Mims is your classic height-weight speed threat while Callaway is a bigger slot option. That said, I wouldn’t bank on either becoming a core contributor.