Steelers offseason positional primer: Pass catching options for 2024

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Steelers pass catcher options in the draft

This is a relatively weak tight-end class outside of Brock Bowers. That shouldn’t negatively impact the Steelers though, as the only rookie tight ends the team should invite to camp are pending undrafted free agents.

After a down year for the receiver class, the 2024 class seems to be back to being deep. The top of the class is full of potentially elite talent, the middle rounds have potential starters, and the latter position has viable depth pieces.

If the Steelers don’t have a viable slot receiver on the roster before the draft, I don’t think you can exclude this team from drafting one in the first round. If the value is right and there is that need, I would pounce. That said, the majority of early-round targets seem better suited for the outside.

Day two could present a real opportunity for this team to add some receiver talent. From the speed freaks to the sharp route runners, there is something for everyone. On the outside, a freak like Johnny Wilson could be a unique weapon. Standing at 6’7 but has great athleticism and run-after-the-catch ability, he would be a unique weapon, to say the least.

This deep of a class will naturally allow for some talented names to fall to day three as well. It seems as though any round could potentially be a target for a receiver. At the very least, be ready for the team to draft a receiver at some point as they take advantage of this deep class.