Steelers offseason positional primer: Pass catching options for 2024

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What I would do at pass catcher for Steelers

One of these positions should see a minor overhaul this offseason, the other is pretty set in stone. For tight ends, I would look to add a veteran on the cheap for competition, but other than that some undrafted free agents can fill out the room.

For receiver, I am cutting Robinson and trying to add a capable slot receiver in free agency. If I can land Boyd on a reasonable deal, he will be my primary target. If not, I’d like Wilson in that role. I feel like either would provide a great compliment to this offense and give whoever the quarterback is another target.

In the draft, I’m keeping my options open. With a slot receiver set, I’d like to add someone with some size and speed, which this draft seems filled with. My ideal range would be the third or fourth round, where you can still get a potential starter due to the depth of this class.

This would mean the tight end room remains mostly unchanged and you keep your top two receivers. A veteran slot is brought in, Austin retains his role as an occasional deep threat, and Boykin sticks around as a special teams player. The rookie provides depth and insurance to round out the room. I think receiver could be a real strength for the team if they attack it right this season.

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