Steelers offseason positional primer: Running back options for 2024

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Steelers RB options in the draft

While you should never rule out drafting any position, especially once the third day of the draft comes around, it seems like a stretch for the Steelers to take a running back in this draft class. While not a top-heavy group, some interesting fits should be effective at the pro level.

That said, it is hard to justify using a pick on a third running back. If the team went this route, finding a freaky back with speed has to be the priority. This offense doesn’t need another plodder given the current makeup of the backfield.

Jaylen Wright and Jawhar Jordan are both smaller framed backs who lack the traditional size the Steelers like in a running back. What they do have is speed. Their smaller frames won’t make them traditional bell cows, but they can make the most out of just a few carries.

A really interesting fit would be Wisconsin’s Braelon Allen. He has some freaky size and is expected to test as an elite athlete. He has deceptively good hands in the passing game as well. Assuming he makes it to day three, he could be a fun addition to the backfield and keep the rushing game a strength even if an injury were to occur.

What could change the Steelers plans is if they decide not to pick up the contract on Harris in the offseason. You could see a bigger focus on getting a back of the future on the roster. That said, there typically isn’t a huge learning curve for backs, so it seems like a day-three pick at best.

No matter if a back is drafted, I would heavily add bodies from the undrafted pool of talent. No, you likely won’t get a complete back, but you can find some bit-pieces for this offense. Whoever they do add, getting a player with speed will be key for the offense this offseason.