Steelers offseason positional primer: Unveiling every offensive line option for 2024

Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (58)
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Steelers inhouse offensive line options

For starters, three positions are locked in stone right now. Both guard spots and one of the tackle spots can be penciled in. Unless there is an injury to one of the three, this trio should be the core of the line moving forward.

Moore will also stick around on the roster, but the Steelers should be trying to ensure that it is in a swing tackle role. If he had to start for a few weeks though, you can deal with that. Fellow tackle Chukwuma Okorafor won’t have that option. It would be completely shocking to see him return at his current price.

Mason Cole is another story. On the surface, you can cut him with relative ease and save a nice chunk of cap space. The issue is that if you cut Cole, you suddenly don’t have a capable center on the roster. That leaves a huge hole on the roster that you need to ensure is filled properly.

There is some intriguing depth on the roster. Nate Herbig is a highly paid interior depth player. While the team views him as a center, he is a more natural guard. Unless the team is extremely strapped for cash, I assume he will maintain his roster spot.

Dylan Cook was a surprise roster addition. He has the size you want in a tackle and his play in the preseason was strong. I wouldn’t count on him to start, but he can be depth again. The wild card is Spencer Anderson. He looked good as a rookie in the offseason and has some positional flexibility. He could be a sleeper center option if the team gets desperate.

Their reserve list doesn’t include anyone notable. The only familiar name is Ryan McCollum, who has been around for a few seasons. Like Anderson, I could see the team banking on McCollum as a last-chance option if the offseason goes poorly.