Steelers offseason positional primer: Unveiling every offensive line option for 2024

Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (58)
Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (58) / Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
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What I would do at offensive line for Steelers

To be frank, the Steelers can and should continue their offensive line overhaul this offseason, as the upgrades are there. The first thing they need to decide is how they want to upgrade the center room, as I am cutting Cole due to his play last year.

If I want to address other positions in the draft, I would sign Cushinberry to start. He lacks the upside of an elite center, but he has been serviceable as a starter. However, I am under the impression that this team should draft someone, so Hennessy is my solution as a potential fill-in and depth.

I’m not taking Powers-Johnson with my first pick but would be very open to trading back and landing him at the back end of the first round. If not, Frazier or Van Pran are my guys in the second round.

As for tackle, I am not touching this free agency class. There isn’t a name that sticks out to me, and you have to overpay to land anyone. I’d rather use the cap space elsewhere and roll with Moore for another season than overpay for a mediocre tackle.

The draft is a different story, and I would be all in on either Mims or Latham in the first round. If you look elsewhere (or trade back as outlined above), landing one of the next tier of tackles makes a lot of sense to me. This continues and ideally completes, the rebuild of the offensive line.

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Pittsburgh has a shot at finishing their offensive line this offseason. The draft has options a both tackle and center, and some quality free agents could also fill some spots. The Steelers have to be wise and continue to invest in their trenches, especially in a draft class as deep as this.